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C mdoc New mcc is a machine code compiler


C++ Lex mdoc Yacc OPAL is a rogue-like dungeon crawler


C mdoc Pong is a digital tennis game


Go Room-based chat server


C Go C formatter for OpenBSD kernel normal form


Assembly C Implementations of the cat command to teach programming.


C Library Unit tested Branch-free saturating arithmetic in a library


C Library Unit tested A fast fibonacci calculator


C Library mdoc Implementation of the fast Fourier transform algorithm


Go Package Unit tested Optimally search a rectangular, sorted matrix


Go Package Tries to properly shut down a web server upon interrupts

Mathematical Constants

C++ Library Unit tested Library of templates that work to calculate certain constants


C++ Compare common sorting algorithms


C++ Generate random numbers with useless(-ish) features

Pgen (click to expand)

C C++ Go Python Generate random passwords

C Pgen / C (secure)
C++ Pgen / C++
Go Pgen / Go (secure)
Python Pgen / Python

Booky (click to expand)

Python R Gathering random book data from Goodreads

Python Booky / Python
R Booky / R


Go Package Benchmark performance of logging to an in-memory buffer, file, and null device

Mathematical Functions (click to expand)

C++ Collection of programs that calculate math functions

C++ Ackermann-Péter function
C++ Lambert W Function
C++ Unsolved Inequality


Go Todo is a list management tool

Classical Cryptography (click to expand)

C C++ Classical ciphers: affine, Atbash, Caesar, null cipher, etc.

C Classical Crypto / C
C++ Classical Crypto / C++

Articles (click to expand)

Neptune images
Summarized Password Security

Deprecated (click to expand)

Deprecated and otherwise old packages

Deprecated HTML & CSS HTML and CSS Examples
Deprecated Go Package openshim
Deprecated Go Package modify
Deprecated Go Package read
Deprecated Go Package search

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Exploring Whether Super-Puffs Can Be Explained as Ringed Exoplanets (Anthony L. Piro, et al., 2019-11-21T18:58:24Z)
Euclidean operator growth and quantum chaos (Alexander Avdoshkin, et al., 2019-11-21T18:57:32Z)
LL/SC and Atomic Copy: Constant Time, Space Efficient Implementations using only... (Guy E. Blelloch, et al., 2019-11-21T18:57:25Z)
First Resolved Scattered-Light Images of Four Debris Disks in Scorpius-Centaurus... (Justin Hom, et al., 2019-11-21T18:55:12Z)
Entangleability of cones (Guillaume Aubrun, et al., 2019-11-21T18:49:57Z)
On the Use of C-index for Stratified and Cross-Validated Cox Model (Ruilin Li, et al., 2019-11-21T17:50:54Z)
The derived contraction algebra (Matt Booth, 2019-11-21T17:35:24Z)
An introduction to $p$-adic systems: A new kind of number systems inspired by th... (Mario Weitzer, 2019-11-21T17:34:01Z)
Everywhere local solubility for hypersurfaces in products of projective spaces (Tom Fisher, et al., 2019-11-21T17:33:21Z)
Probing hidden-charm decay properties of $P_c$ states in a molecular scenario (Guang-Juan Wang, et al., 2019-11-21T17:15:46Z)

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Src: Der Spiegel international (https://www.spiegel.de/international/index.rss)
Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Roger Hallam: 'We Are Engaged in the Murder of the World's Children'
Hunkering Down: Germany Is Shirking Its EU Responsibilities
Interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic: 'I Would Probably Be Hanged in Brussels'
The Tuk-Tuk Revolution: Protesters in Iraq Face Down State Violence
Life in China's 'Little Africa': Africans Find a Home in a Country with Few Foreigners

Src: New York Times world news (https://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/World.xml)
The Jungle Prince of Delhi
The Broken Promise of a Panda: How Prague s Relations With Beijing Soured
Merkel and Macron Publicly Clash Over NATO
Would-Be Chinese Defector Details Covert Campaigns in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Who Needs Canvas? In Dakar, Street Artists Express Their Visions on Sides of Homes

Src: BBC world news (https://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/world/rss.xml)
Hong Kong protesters hope poll will send message to China
Kenya landslide: At least 29 killed after heavy rains
Femicide: Big rallies across France to condemn domestic violence
Trump impeachment inquiry: Released records reveal Pompeo-Giuliani contacts
Lebanon protest: Expats return for Independence Day demonstration

Src: Reuters world news (http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/worldnews)
Brazil president's son faces fresh corruption probe: state prosecutors
Australian politician says media revelations of Chinese spying disturbing
Philippine army says it has killed militant behind suicide attacks
'Time to calm down': Hong Kong protests simmer ahead of local elections
Pope Francis visits Japan, bearing anti-nuclear message

Src: The Economist latest updates (https://www.economist.com/latest/rss.xml)
Data suggest Jos  Mourinho is as likely to flop at Spurs as to succeed
Ethiopia s Sidama people vote for autonomy
Is NATO experiencing  brain death ?
Climate, freedom and denial: What  Green Thatcherism  teaches us today
The violent history of London s Royal Parks

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