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C mdoc New mcc is a machine code compiler


C++ Lex mdoc Yacc OPAL is a rogue-like dungeon crawler


C mdoc Pong is a digital tennis game


Go Room-based chat server


C Go C formatter for OpenBSD kernel normal form


Assembly C Implementations of the cat command to teach programming.


C Library Unit tested Branch-free saturating arithmetic in a library


C Library Unit tested A fast fibonacci calculator


C Library mdoc Implementation of the fast Fourier transform algorithm


Go Package Unit tested Optimally search a rectangular, sorted matrix


Go Package Tries to properly shut down a web server upon interrupts

Mathematical Constants

C++ Library Unit tested Library of templates that work to calculate certain constants


C++ Compare common sorting algorithms


C++ Generate random numbers with useless(-ish) features

Pgen (click to expand)

C C++ Go Python Generate random passwords

C Pgen / C (secure)
C++ Pgen / C++
Go Pgen / Go (secure)
Python Pgen / Python

Booky (click to expand)

Python R Gathering random book data from Goodreads

Python Booky / Python
R Booky / R


Go Package Benchmark performance of logging to an in-memory buffer, file, and null device

Mathematical Functions (click to expand)

C++ Collection of programs that calculate math functions

C++ Ackermann-Péter function
C++ Lambert W Function
C++ Unsolved Inequality


Go Todo is a list management tool

Classical Cryptography (click to expand)

C C++ Classical ciphers: affine, Atbash, Caesar, null cipher, etc.

C Classical Crypto / C
C++ Classical Crypto / C++

Articles (click to expand)

Neptune images
Summarized Password Security

Deprecated (click to expand)

Deprecated and otherwise old packages

Deprecated HTML & CSS HTML and CSS Examples
Deprecated Go Package openshim
Deprecated Go Package modify
Deprecated Go Package read
Deprecated Go Package search

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Non-linear contributions to angular power spectra (Mona Jalilvand, et al., 2019-07-30T17:49:57Z)
Resilient Optimal Estimation Using Measurement Prior (Olugbenga Moses Anubi, et al., 2019-07-30T17:38:01Z)
Multi-layer modelling of adoption dynamics in energy demand management (Iacopo Iacopini, et al., 2019-07-30T17:28:47Z)
Alternatingly increasing property and bi-gamma-positivity of polynomials (Shi-Mei Ma, et al., 2019-07-30T17:17:46Z)
Nonempty intersection of longest paths in graphs without forbidden pairs (Yuping Gao, et al., 2019-07-30T16:57:59Z)
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To Russia With Love: Relations with Moscow Emerge as German Election Issue
Challenges for New ECB Head: Will Christine Lagarde Pursue Tighter Monetary Policy?
Showdown With Brussels: Boris Johnson Steers Into Conflict Course
German Government Cybersecurity Chief: 'The Only Thing That Can Help Is Preventative Action'
The Huawei Dilemma: Resistance to Chinese Mobile Provider Grows Among Conservatives

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Doubt Greets China s Claim That Muslims Have Been Released From Camps
Why the Brazil Prison Massacre Was a  Tragedy Foretold
Body of Concertgoer Found in France Fuels Anger Over Use of Force
They Survived Colonization and War. But Venezuela s Collapse Was Too Much.
North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles, Its 2nd Test in Less Than a Week

Src: BBC world news (https://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/world/rss.xml)
Princess Haya: Dubai ruler's wife seeks marriage protection order
North Korea 'fires two ballistic missiles' in second missile launch in a week
Democratic debates: Ten candidates over healthcare and immigration
Sudan suspends schools after student killings
Black lawmakers boycott Trump speech commemorating democracy

Src: Reuters world news (http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/worldnews)
Samoa's 'third gender' delicately balances sex and religion
Indian coffee tycoon Siddhartha's body found: police
U.S. appeals court upholds ruling against Chinese banks in North Korea sanctions probe
North Korea fires short-range ballistic missiles: South Korean military
Japan's PM says working with allies after North Korea missile launch

Src: The Economist latest updates (https://www.economist.com/latest/rss.xml)
The owner of Holiday Inn becomes the first hotel group to axe plastic bathroom miniatures
Warren of Wall Street
A show at the Bank of England underscores the strange fiction of money
Parties have let go of the ways they can override the voters  will Democrats  second debates
The pound is tumbling on fears of a no-deal Brexit

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