Latest log: A new look Jul 3, 2020

gh-dl — GitHub archiving client. [go] [new]

gitweb — minimal Git web interface, sufficient for most small projects. [go]

deadman — software deadman's switch. [c] [mdoc]

mcc — machine code compiler. [c] [mdoc]

pof — collate a proof of an authorship date. [go]

opal — OPAL is a rogue-like dungeon crawler. [c++] [lex] [mdoc] [yacc]

pong — digital tennis game. [c] [mdoc]

openshim2 — shims for the OpenBSD pledge and unveil syscalls. [go] [pkg]

chat — room-based chat server. [go]

fmtc — C formatter for the OpenBSD kernel normal form. [go] [c]

cat — implementations of the cat command to teach programming. [asm] [c]

bsa — branch-free saturating arithmetic library. [c] [lib]

fft — implementation of the fast Fourier transform algorithm. [c] [lib] [mdoc]

matrix2d — optimally search a rectangular, sorted matrix. [go] [pkg]

graceful — shut down a web server upon interrupts. [go] [pkg]

math — various math projects.

math-consts — library for calculating many mathematical constants. [c++] [lib]

Lambert W function [c++]

Ackermann-P├ęter function [c++]

Unsolved inequality [c++]

compsort — compare common sorting algorithms. [c++]

diceroll — generate random numbers with useless(-ish) features. [c++]

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