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Built entirely on a Go web server, running on OpenBSD, and hosted on Digital Ocean (referral link).

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Booky (click to expand)

Python R Gathering random book data from Goodreads

Python Booky / Python
R Booky / R


C Library Unit tested Branch-free saturating arithmetic in a library

Classical Cryptography (click to expand)

C C++ Classical ciphers: affine, Atbash, Caesar, null cipher, etc.

C Classical Crypto / C
C++ Classical Crypto / C++


C++ Compare common sorting algorithms


C++ Generate random numbers with useless(-ish) features


C Library Unit tested A fast fibonacci calculator

HTML and CSS Examples

Deprecated HTML & CSS HTML tags and CSS properties with vendor prefixes

Mathematical Constants

C++ Library Unit tested Library of templates that work to calculate certain constants

Mathematical Functions (click to expand)

C++ Collection of programs that calculate math functions

C++ Ackermann-Péter function
C++ Lambert W Function
C++ Unsolved Inequality


Go New Package Unit tested Optimally search a rectangular, sorted matrix


Go Package Cleanly modify the contents of a file

Pgen (click to expand)

C C++ Go Python Generate random passwords

C Pgen / C (secure)
C++ Pgen / C++
Go Pgen / Go (secure)
Python Pgen / Python


Go Package Read a range of lines


Go Package Search the contents of a file


Go Todo is a list management tool

Articles (click to expand)

Summarized Password Security

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