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C mdoc New mcc is a machine code compiler


C++ Lex mdoc Yacc OPAL is a rogue-like dungeon crawler


C mdoc Pong is a digital tennis game


Go Room-based chat server


C Go C formatter for OpenBSD kernel normal form


Assembly C Implementations of the cat command to teach programming.


C Library Unit tested Branch-free saturating arithmetic in a library


C Library Unit tested A fast fibonacci calculator


C Library mdoc Implementation of the fast Fourier transform algorithm


Go Package Unit tested Optimally search a rectangular, sorted matrix


Go Package Tries to properly shut down a web server upon interrupts

Mathematical Constants

C++ Library Unit tested Library of templates that work to calculate certain constants


C++ Compare common sorting algorithms


C++ Generate random numbers with useless(-ish) features

Pgen (click to expand)

C C++ Go Python Generate random passwords

C Pgen / C (secure)
C++ Pgen / C++
Go Pgen / Go (secure)
Python Pgen / Python

Booky (click to expand)

Python R Gathering random book data from Goodreads

Python Booky / Python
R Booky / R


Go Package Benchmark performance of logging to an in-memory buffer, file, and null device

Mathematical Functions (click to expand)

C++ Collection of programs that calculate math functions

C++ Ackermann-Péter function
C++ Lambert W Function
C++ Unsolved Inequality


Go Todo is a list management tool

Classical Cryptography (click to expand)

C C++ Classical ciphers: affine, Atbash, Caesar, null cipher, etc.

C Classical Crypto / C
C++ Classical Crypto / C++

Articles (click to expand)

Neptune images
Summarized Password Security

Deprecated (click to expand)

Deprecated and otherwise old packages

Deprecated HTML & CSS HTML and CSS Examples
Deprecated Go Package openshim
Deprecated Go Package modify
Deprecated Go Package read
Deprecated Go Package search

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Mixed Linear Layouts: Complexity, Heuristics, and Experiments (Philipp de Col, et al., 2019-08-23T17:59:39Z)
The complete classification of empty lattice $4$-simplices (scar Iglesias-Vali o, et al., 2019-08-23T17:56:57Z)
A Galaxy-Targeted Search for the Optical Counterpart of the Candidate NS-BH Merg... (S. Gomez, et al., 2019-08-23T17:37:38Z)
Riemann surfaces for KPZ with periodic boundaries (Sylvain Prolhac, 2019-08-23T17:27:07Z)
Maximizing Ink in Partial Edge Drawings of k-plane Graphs (Matthias Hummel, et al., 2019-08-23T17:08:43Z)
The CatWISE Preliminary Catalog: Motions from ${\it WISE}$ and ${\it NEOWISE}$ D... (Peter R. M. Eisenhardt, et al., 2019-08-23T16:59:16Z)
Simultaneous spectral and spatial modulation for color printing and holography u... (Qunshuo Wei, et al., 2019-08-23T16:46:04Z)
Protecting points from operator pencils (Albrecht Seelmann, et al., 2019-08-23T16:37:48Z)
Semi-Quantum Money (Roy Radian, et al., 2019-08-23T16:15:11Z)
A family of hemisystems on the parabolic quadrics (Jesse Lansdown, et al., 2019-08-23T16:09:41Z)

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Src: Der Spiegel international (https://www.spiegel.de/international/index.rss)
Tough Times for German Savers: Who's Responsible for Eurozone's Negative Interest Rates?
Nervous About Trump: EU Fearful of Including U.S. on Tax-Haven List
Extinction Rebellion: A New Kind of Climate Protest Movement
Social Design Award 2019: There's Still Time To Participate in Our Reader Competition!
Economic Downturn: Germany May Abandon Its Beloved Black Zero

Src: New York Times world news (https://rss.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/World.xml)
Trump Offers Contradictory Signals on China Trade War
One Handgun, 9 Murders: How American Firearms Cause Carnage Abroad
Hong Kong Officer Fires Shot, and Police Use Water Cannons at Protest
Iranian Official Makes Surprise Appearance on Sidelines of G7 Summit
Hezbollah Says Drones That Crashed in Beirut Suburbs Came from Israel

Src: BBC world news (https://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/world/rss.xml)
Amazon fires: G7 leaders close to agreeing plan to help, says Macron
Asian stocks drop as US-China trade war escalates
Hong Kong police fire gun and use water cannon on protesters
Israel says it struck Iranian 'killer drone' sites in Syria
Mallorca aircraft collide in mid-air, killing at least seven

Src: Reuters world news (http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/worldnews)
Hong Kong police arrest 36, youngest aged 12, after running battles with protesters
In calls and emails, Argentine executives seek jobs abroad to escape crisis
Trump, Abe say U.S. and Japan have agreed in principle on trade deal
Israeli air strikes hit Palestinian military position in Lebanon: reports, security source
Saudi-led coalition forms a committee with UAE to stabilize Yemen ceasefire

Src: The Economist latest updates (https://www.economist.com/latest/rss.xml)
Blasphemy laws are quietly vanishing in liberal democracies
G7 leaders discuss climate change, economics, Russia and Iran
The writers breathing fresh life into Ugandan literature
Hong Kong s protest movement will not back down empty-handed
Now Donald Trump calls the Fed s chairman an  enemy

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