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MCC(1) General Commands Manual MCC(1)


machine code compiler


mcc [
] [
-b addr
] [
-m memsize
] [
-o file
] [
-t addr
] file


mcc is a machine code compiler. It reads binary ASCII text '0' and '1' mapping to machine code instructions. All other characters are ignored except the comment token ';'. Comments begin with ';' and continue until EOL. The -h option enables parsing hexadecimal rather than binary text.
Use the -o option to specify the output filename. The default is to put the executable in a.out.
Supports little-endian x86-64 and i386 execution environments using the System V application binary interface. 64-bit is the default mode, 32-bit mode is specified with the -3 option.
When writing to the .bss section, specify the size of memory reserved using the -m option. If the size is zero (default), no .bss section will be written for the executable.
In 64-bit mode the .bss and .text sections start at 0x402000 and 0x401000 respectively, and in 32-bit mode 0x804a000 and 0x8049000 respectively. Use the -b and -t options to specify custom addresses.
Program header segment alignment is set to 0x1000 (the page size on most systems).
.bss is aligned to a 16-byte constraint and .text to an 8-byte constraint.
Use the -s option to mark the .text section as writable, allowing self-modifying code.


mcc was written by Esote


Copyright (c) 2019 Esote. There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License. For more information, see the LICENSE file.
July 13, 2019